An Electronic Discount Token System


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ZOS is a unique token on the EOS Blockchain. ZOS is an Electronic Discount Token System and offers discounts on payments for services rendered by AirDropsDAC.

There will be a strictly limited total supply of 10 Billion ZOS tokens. This limit will never be increased. ZOS can be used to pay for any fees on the AirDropsDAC platform. Significant discounts can be obtained by paying the fees with ZOS. All the received ZOS tokens will be burned up to a limit of 50%. We will eventually burn 5 Billion ZOS tokens. This will leave a final supply of 5 Billion ZOS tokens.


AirDropsDAC is a project on EOS Blockchain offering Airdrops as a Service to developers.

AirDropsDAC offers a wide range of services ranging from technical assistance, marketing, seed funding and resources needed for airdrop of the tokens, including RAM and CPU. Discount Cards are frequently used in everyday commerce. Electronic discount tokens have been successfully deployed by Binance and other exchanges.

ZOS is designed as a simple Electronic Discount Token System. Significant discounts can be obtained when ZOS is used to pay for services on the AirDropsDAC platform.


Discount Rate

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ZKS3103 SEZc

ZKS3103 SEZC is a software company in the Cayman Enterprise Zone.





Founder and Interim Custodian for AirDropsDAC, Founder of Z-Meta, Z11K and 21Zephyr, Inc. Former ER physician and an early adopter of EOS.


CTO for AirDropsDAC, founding partner of Australian block producer GenerEOS and the sole developer of eostoolkit.io